The whole duck thing

Seriously kids omg I can’t take it anymore. “Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that one is entitled to a job in perpetuity in spite of incendiary statements.” (-Daniel D’Addario) Also, From a writer who’s all about breaking silences: If you’re interested in honest, compassionate dialogue, do it be it start it. Un-firing a character won’t…

Using Words

“As long as I can, I will take what I feel, use it to face what I am able to know, find language, and write what I think must be written for the freedom and dignity of women.” I don’t agree with everything Andrea Dworkin has written, but this, yes. Yes. Taken from “My Life As a Writer,” in Life…

Perhaps We’ll Be Totally Harmless.*

But consider our vibrant bass for details, The drums on the mass – on the rush – of emotion This lust for threading needles through the story For the chance to recognize what we can’t argue with Again. How we’ve been socialized to respect fear to be responsible for the corner, for a place to…

Your silence will not protect you.

I’ve been reading a great deal of Audre Lorde for my work over at Ploughshares. Like Adrienne Rich (whose quote serves as the tagline for Louder Please), she’s a model for placing art in the service of socio-cultural improvement. When I read her work, it’s like a voice at the back of me: say it….

Dear Parents. Stop Saying Miley Was Degrading Herself.

Okay. It’s true that many women who use their bodies to make money ARE degraded, by others or themselves. It’s true that many women don’t have a choice in this, and/or don’t believe they’re worth anything “better.” And our desire to change the socio-cultural situation for the benefit of such women is admirable, and necessary….

I want to be numbered among the heretics

It’s the heretic who’s out without her jacket, skirt above the knees, showing her bruises, saying, I dare someone to say it’s okay. Try it. The heretic won’t settle out of court, dress suicide as martyrdom, praise the impotence of silence. It’s the heretic who spits out the communion wine if it tastes of poison