The (31) Number One Female Country Songs since 2004: Summed Up by Yours Truly

In January, Country Weekly claimed 2014 to be the Year of the Woman in country music. I replied with a new piece for The Ethos Review about how 2014… isn’t. Going. To be. [O]ver the last ten years, songs by female artists make up only ten percent of country music’s number one hits (31 of…

Because obvs women aren’t in charge lolz

Okay, there’s already a pile of responses to Mike Huckabee’s LIBIDOFFENSE 2014. But having now heard Allen West’s “thoughtful” additions, I have to ask: Can we talk about how even the language used by conservatives constantly excludes women from positions of influence, placing them at the mercy of (male) lawmakers? Exhibit A, Huckabee: “[W]omen are…

placebo for rape terror

Here’s this, that you should read. (I’ll wait.) Because seriously, for the thousandth time: We should be able to be frightened by violence — to look at it, talk about it, work with it — without retreating into jokes and denial. If we can’t, we should be creating communities of support that make such reality-gazing possible….

A “Rape-Victims List” for sale by a Data Broker… Hey, only $79.

In the realm of “Are you kidding me?” — The following was written by Elizabeth Dwoskin, posted on WSJ Blogs: “Data Broker Removes Rape-Victims List After Journal Inquiry” A marketing company purporting to sell lists of rape and domestic violence victims removed the lists from its website Wednesday after being contacted by The Wall Street Journal….

Using Words

“As long as I can, I will take what I feel, use it to face what I am able to know, find language, and write what I think must be written for the freedom and dignity of women.” I don’t agree with everything Andrea Dworkin has written, but this, yes. Yes. Taken from “My Life As a Writer,” in Life…

Your silence will not protect you.

I’ve been reading a great deal of Audre Lorde for my work over at Ploughshares. Like Adrienne Rich (whose quote serves as the tagline for Louder Please), she’s a model for placing art in the service of socio-cultural improvement. When I read her work, it’s like a voice at the back of me: say it….

sometimes, “staying together for the kids” needs to suck it

Note: I’m in a (long!) marriage that I love, and I don’t have kids. That said: Many of my friends are contemplating divorce. And I’ve noticed that, when kids are involved, a super-sized ever-present argument gets touted about how parents should “stick it out for the kids.” If you’ve experienced a more nuanced approach to divorce with…

Dear Parents. Stop Saying Miley Was Degrading Herself.

Okay. It’s true that many women who use their bodies to make money ARE degraded, by others or themselves. It’s true that many women don’t have a choice in this, and/or don’t believe they’re worth anything “better.” And our desire to change the socio-cultural situation for the benefit of such women is admirable, and necessary….