you’re not that busy.

“Meet the Busy Brag: social media’s hate-worthiest addition to the human experience. I am important, cry the crafted tweets and updates, because busy. Did you guys happen to notice I’m busy? If not, here are some pics about my busy. It’s a good thing you’re not as busy as I am, or you’d miss my social…

(listening to Russian poets)

“For to live means to sing, to love, to rage, and to tear things to shreds, while…faces look on and pupils burn.” –Nicolay Aseev (Choosing to ignore for a moment that Aseev wrote this in a bullfighting context.) (Because advice is advice amirite)

On the obscene… from (the widely-censored) Henry Miller

The most insistent question put to the writer of “obscene” literature is: why did you have to use such language? […] Someone has said that  “the literary artist, having attained understanding, communicates that understanding to his readers. That understanding, whether of sexual or other matters, is certain to come into conflict with popular beliefs, fears…

Joshua 10

Joshua destroyed the city of Makkedah. Not one person was left alive. Then the Israelis went to Libnah. Every last person was slaughtered. From Libnah they went to Lachish. The entire population was slaughtered. The Israeli army captured Eglon and killed everyone in the city. After Eglon they went to Hebron, slaughtering the entire population….

I want to be numbered among the heretics

It’s the heretic who’s out without her jacket, skirt above the knees, showing her bruises, saying, I dare someone to say it’s okay. Try it. The heretic won’t settle out of court, dress suicide as martyrdom, praise the impotence of silence. It’s the heretic who spits out the communion wine if it tastes of poison