Creativity: Neither Magic Nor Madness

Nothing like telling the entire world about one’s clinical depression to enliven a Tuesday. Here’s my latest for Ploughshares Literary Magazine, in which I own up to the depression that yanked me out of music-touring… and in which I punch the Mental-Illness-Makes-Better-Artists myth in the throat. Regardless of whether you’ve suffered from mental illness, there are…

placebo for rape terror

Here’s this, that you should read. (I’ll wait.) Because seriously, for the thousandth time: We should be able to be frightened by violence — to look at it, talk about it, work with it — without retreating into jokes and denial. If we can’t, we should be creating communities of support that make such reality-gazing possible….

A “Rape-Victims List” for sale by a Data Broker… Hey, only $79.

In the realm of “Are you kidding me?” — The following was written by Elizabeth Dwoskin, posted on WSJ Blogs: “Data Broker Removes Rape-Victims List After Journal Inquiry” A marketing company purporting to sell lists of rape and domestic violence victims removed the lists from its website Wednesday after being contacted by The Wall Street Journal….